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I have been a writer for some time but never had the chance to just put it out there. I wrote some poetry in high school ,a few short stories here and there. I even won editor’s choice for a poem i wrote through the poet’s society. I had to read my poem in front of a whole lot of people for a chance to win twenty thousand dollars and then lost to a girl who wrote a poem about a dingy boat.I also have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.
Over the last 18 years i have dabbled here and there with writing a children’s book or even articles for magazines or newspapers. It has always been a hobby of mine. I just love to write things down on paper. Ideas, stories, poems. My life just didn't embrace writing like i thought it would,having bipolar disorder clogs up your brain with so many thoughts. It is very hard to make decisions,therefore i could never decide on what to finish first and whether or not to publish any of my writing.
Instead I went to school to become a medical assistant for a very busy Cardiology clinic to help support my four daughters after their father left us high and dry after thirteen years of marriage  (that’s a story for antoher time).Having the time to be serious about writing just never presented itself.
My dream however of becoming a writer , a writer who would change people’s lives is still there. So here I am 38, in a Fantastic relationship, with a fantastic blended family (6 kids, ranging from 23 to 7 years old) and i am trying yet again to do what makes me happy. WRITING. Writing a blog no less and yes a book.I want to bring awareness to bipolar disorder and depression. I want others to read my blog and walk away feeling like this is something they can beat. I want them to know they can be good parents, and live a full filling life.
What i want to bring to this site is a chance for all parents even those with mental disorders a chance to voice frustrations,and share ideas about life.Parenting is hard especially in this day and age. We are competing with so much these days.Common Core, electronics,television, other parents.We are trying to keep up with the Jones's or is it the Kardashians?
I feel the pressure everyday. How do i motivate my kids if I'm working 10 hour shifts four days a week?
I wish i could stay home with them everyday, but then how would I pay  for the sports and the dance classes and swimming lessons. Its tough. We want our kids to succeed at life. We want them to have self confidence so that they don't become bored and venture into the wrong crowd becoming drug addicts or worse. Then once they're grown and you think you have accomplished the unbelievable because your kids Graduated High school without any mishaps, they start college. Their first job, there driving, etc. etc. It is never ending. Your kids will always be your kids no matter how old and you will never stop wanting to help guide them. What's funny is we are still learning day to day, we are really only a few steps ahead of them when you think about it.
We sign them up for things that will help build their character art classes, dance,soccer. It costs an arm and a leg though!! College Costs an arm, a leg, and your sanity if you're not careful.
So work i must.
I hope to spark some discussions that will help change the way parents view each other.Especially with relation to parents who may be suffering on the inside.It takes courage to parent,it takes courage to look past certain stigma's and actually see someone.
We can all learn from each other. I hope to bring awareness to new and exciting things we can teach our kids and each other. I want parents to stop feeling guilty and just get back to the basics.I hope you enjoy my blog and keep coming back for new ideas from not only me but other parents as well.
Best wishes,


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