Monday, September 12, 2016

Boogers, Coughs, and yes more boogers

Where do i begin, its been awhile since I've posted. I'm busy. I think i'm also having a bit of writers block. Better yet an over abundance of things i want to talk about so i cant seem to narrow it down enough to get on here and blog!! I'm working on promoting my Pampering product business and they just came out with a product that I'm super excited about!!! Its called PAMPER YOUR COLD!! There natural based tablets that you put in your shower for congestion and body aches. They are made with Eucalyptus, tea tree oil, peppermint and pink grapefruit. We also have to healing sticks, one that is called the immunator and it has eucalyptus and peppermint also, smells wonderful and you rub it on your little's behind there ears , on there throats , under there nose and it just simply helps with boosting your immune system and relieving symptoms , and then there is a Pamper your cold stick as well that has all the same ingredients as the shower tablets!!!
I don't know about other parents but I have always been against giving my kids over the counter cold medications. My pediatrician is against it as well. I prefer a more natural approach to wait ails them throughout the school year. If it seems like its not going away then of course i might try something over the counter but more than likely if its that bad then they probably need antibiotics and then off to the doctor we go.
So im super excited that the company i work for has come out with a product that leads twords natural symptom relief of the common cold.
I also give my kids a spoonful of honey daily and zinc and a multi vitamin.
So this year im hoping to reduce the number of coughs and stuffy noses and sore throats by at least half as many as last year.
In a house full of 8 people in can be hard not to pass things around like crazy.
Last year our entire family got Pneumonia. It was so awful. So this year im on a mission to improve the health of my family. That means even in cold weather. Getting outside for a walk.
Fresh air is imperative to our health. Being indoors primarily during the winter months plays a big part in our upper respiratory health and gastrointestinal health. We breath nothing but recirculated air all winter!! EWWW! and dust, dust ,dust!! I'm terrible about dusting but its one area that im apt to improve considering what dust is (do I need to explain the shedding of skin cells?).
So moms lets power through this school season and strive to wipe those boogers, wash those hands, and Dust like we have never dusted before!!
Also please keep your kids home from school if there sick. I know it can be hard especially if your a working mom, but is important. I wont send mine if you wont send yours! Also our teachers do enough, they don't also need to nurse our children when they are sick and whiny!!
Happy School Year All you Moms!! Remember it takes a village!!

Thanks for reading

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