Wednesday, May 4, 2016

When your kids are sick

I am a mother of 6 children. I have been through a lot of sleepless nights with sick kids.
I am a medical assistant , a smart one who knows more than she should about disease and sickness. 
When my kids are ill and i cant figure out whats going on. I freak!!! The knowledge i have i believe is more of a hindrance at times, than a help because i always jump  to the worst conclusion. 
My youngest daughter is sick right now, she has a rash on her cheeks and upper body that I thought was Fifth Disease (a common childhood virus,), but then she developed abdominal pain and green poop.
Now I'm afraid she has Salmonella, like maybe i didn't cook the burgers good enough the other night,or gastroenteritis,or Cancer.Yes educated or not, been through it before or not, I still freak out when my kids are sick and because of my medical background and my anxiety from Bi-polar, i think the worst.
I know in the back of my mind that she is probably fine. She is eating and drinking, no fever.
However here I sit at 7:30 a.m on hold waiting to see if i can get a same day appointment with the pediatrician. I am panicky because I'm afraid while i wait listening to this horrible music that all the appointments will have been taken by the time they get to me. Inside i want to scream and yell. In fact I'm afraid if they tell me they don't have an appointment available when they finally come on the line that is exactly what i will do. It won't be pretty, sometimes having bi-polar can be down right embarrassing. I will spew things i don't really mean to say when my stress level is elevated and I have had no sleep.
I finally get an appointment, at the Longview Office which is 45 minutes from my house. I am not happy at all after waiting on the line for almost 30 minutes , but Jesus my kids has green poop and a headache and a rash all over her body, you would have thought i could have gotten an appointment sooner than 1:15. 
My Logical brain, if your wondering knows that its probably most likely not serious and the later appointment is fine. Are you wondering why I haven't taken her to urgent care? Or the Emergency room?Well because, if i do that i will be sitting there until 1:15 anyway. Last time i took one of my kids to urgent care we sat there for 6 hours!! I just cant do it. So i will take the 45 minute drive to the appointment i could get.
I feel like i should clarify, all my fear and thoughts i do keep to myself,Inside is Where I do all my freaking out. Took me a long time to learn to internalize it but that is now my coping mechanism. That or sleep and when your kid is sick and your a wreck inside with your racing bi-polar anxiety ; sleeping isn't the best option. I'm sure it will all be fine I'm sure actually by the time we get to the appointment she will be chipper, and happy and no longer complaining of abdominal pain or headache and the pediatrician will look at me like I'm crazy. You know how it goes, at home there dying, you get to the doctor and suddenly there cured and hungry. 
We as mothers and fathers do not want to take for granted when our kids are sick though. I mean i literally just read an article this morning about Q13 host Travis Mayfield's 2 year old son quickly and tragically dying after having cold symptoms.
I hear this kind of stuff and it makes me question every cold , every ache, every pain, every headache my kiddos have. 
So what is a parent to do?
Share your thoughts with me today, ease my mind.

Share with me your green poop stories.
Share with me , share with me, share with me.

P.S. Please send a prayer out to Travis Mayfield and his partner and there family.
Losing a child is the nightmare of every parent and support is much needed for this family.

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