Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Truth of the Matter Is...Girls Are Messy,

Having Bi polar disorder means that  I'm a little obsessive compulsive about things. I like things to be even. Balanced. It makes me feel calm and orderly and in control.
Being a Mother of girls is not all its cracked up to be, when it comes to orderly, balanced, and clean.

We have five girls, they are all good girls with good grades and kind and would do anything for me.
Except CLEAN!!
Walking by the bathroom in my house is somewhat of a shock. The light is automatic so when you walk by it or into it , BOOM! The light comes on.
 Instead of seeing a nice clean pretty bathroom , you are birthed into a light revealing over flowing garbage, a toilet paper roll not on the holder but instead rolled across the floor like a cat was playing with it (We don't have a cat), toothpaste sprayed on the mirror and globed into the sink  I mean thank god we go to the dentist every six months, because I'm concerned the toothpaste isn't actually being used for its primary purpose of cleaning teeth.
Never mind opening the door all the way because of the huge pile of dirty clothes behind it.
I mean really even if someone was in the shower when you walked in , you would NOT see even a hint of there silhouette  behind the glass doors because , well ya soap scum from my 10 year old washing the doors with the bar soap.
On any give day you can come to my house and see a chore list written on the really cute white board i bought at Ikea. Each of there names spelled out , with ONE chore next to it. 
Grayce -unload and load dishwasher
Anna - empty the garbage's in all the bathrooms
I even put a nice little note about how much i appreciate them doing this ONE chore that i have asked of them.
They do there chores, don't get me wrong. 
However I think when the vacuuming is done they choose one small section of carpet and vacuum that instead of the entire upstairs like I've asked.
When they do they unload and load the dishwasher, there is no organization to it at all its more of a how fast can i shove these dishes into the dishwasher and random cupboards so that i can go sit and play on my phone or watch cartoons.
When the garbage is taken out;nine times out of ten they ignored the stuff on the floor around the garbage can. Oh and forget replacing the bag usually i get home and there is a banana peel at the bottom that someone threw in there even though there is no bag in it  because "it wasn't my job to take out the garbage, so why should i have to replace the bag!!"
I love my kids but there work ethic around this house that we all live in is to not to be desired.
So as a parent what can we do....
We have to continue teaching them. When my kids don't do it right the first time, i make them do it again. Usually that is accompanied by whining and complaining and trying to make me feel bad for making them clean at all, but i make them do it anyway. 
I am there mother, not there slave. I think we as moms and even dads,( although he seem to be able to get the kids to do whatever he wants with out argument) need to take a stand against our children. We have become such a lazy society and we are teaching our kids to be lazy and not follow through or do a good job the first time.
I remember my dad one time dumping and entire silverware tray back into the sink and making me re wash all the silver ware because i put away a butter knife that wasn't clean. I remember him trying to teach me to make my bed with hospital corners, and me crying because i could never get it right. I thought he was such a Meany!!
He wasn't though, he was teaching me to respect what i had. He was teaching me to be a hard worker who took pride in following through to the end instead of giving up because I didn't think i could do it. 
My mom taught us to take pride in our bedrooms, that was our space and she wanted us to love that space and keep it clean so our friends would be comfortable when they came over. She taught us about present ability, and organization. We hated cleaning our rooms!! But now as an adult, i would not want people coming over to my house if it was a disaster. NO Way!! 
Is my house a disaster sometimes ..absolutely!! I'm a busy mom, I have a day job, and i have a business, as well as FIVE kids at home!!
So what i want for my kids is the same thing , they wanted for me. I want them to respect there space. I want them to respect the fact that i am not there maid!
I want them to do a good job the first time, no matter what it is there doing.
 I want them to follow through. 
I want to be able to visit them at there homes when there older and not be afraid to sit on there couch because of filth. 
So yes i will keep making them do the job over until they follow through and do a good job. 
What are some ways you keep your kids on the beaten path when it comes to chores and keeping there bedrooms clean?
Do you care either way?
Are you a mom who feels like she does everything? Why?
I would love some feed back here on my page so please leave a comment.
Lets get some conversations started!! 

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