Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Crater Lake
Camping. For most of us that is the "Vacation" we take during holidays like spring and summer break. Some of us who are more fortunate get to go to places like Hawaii and Las Vegas, but for most of us camping is where its at. Am i right? I love camping. We started off in tents and sleeping on the ground and a few years ago upgraded to 35 foot 5th wheel trailer. Mark calls it Glamping now. Either way it has allowed us to travel with out the huge expense of airline tickets and hotel fee's.
 Last year we went to Yellow stone National park. We have been to the beach, we have been to Leavenworth, and part's of Washington State that i didn't know existed like Cape Disappointment and Fort Stevens.
Most recently over this spring break we headed south to Crater Lake. The largest , Deepest Lake in the world!!
 It  was the most magnificent thing   I really have ever seen. I would say its right up there with our trip to  Yellow Stone National Park. Its beauty is not something you take for granted. It plants you in the reality of the planet we live on and all it's wonders. It was snowing still up there which made it even more magical.I love the history that Washington and Oregon have to offer my kids. This is where they were born and are being raised.Traveling around seeing it all and learning about it all is I believe the best history lesson we as parents can give them. If later in life they want to travel to some tropical island well so be it , but at least they will know where they came from.
 I myself have no desire to travel anywhere tropical really. I would rather go to Ireland or Scotland , or Iceland. These places to me are magical. There is a mystery about them that is so very intriguing. So i would eventually like our scope of travel to proceed Washington and Oregon at some point but for now teaching the kids the history about where they live and showing them the beauty the Northwest has to offer is pretty awesome.
Camping for someone with Bipolar Disorder has its disadvantages however. Especially a long trip trapped in the car. I have a tendency to just fall asleep because i cant deal with the stress of being coped up in the car. Also being away from home for an extended period of time, is really trying for me. I don't tend to show it but usually inside I'm freaking out about all the stuff at home that isn't being done. I have learned through therapy though that i have to start letting things go that I have no control over. So the fact that i didn't finish all of the laundry before i left does not mean anything other than; I didn't get all the laundry done before i left, and it will still be sitting there for me when I return. Normally I would feel like the worst house keeper ever, and the worse partner to Mark because I didn't do it ,and I would obsess over until I was crying. Then it would escalate into how fat I feel, and what a loser of a human I am, and I would spend the entire vacation not wanting to do anything but be depressed.Never would I have posted a no makeup pic of myself. Yes I know this sounds ridiculous, but that is what this disease does to me. My negative self talk about stupid things like not getting the laundry done is a reality of mine. I am so glad that i have gone through the therapy needed,and that i take my medication everyday so that the feeling of hopelessness is less debilitating. I am able to enjoy my family on these ever important journey's and i can spend more time fishing with my girls, and taking happy selfies with my wonderful,supportive partner in crime Mark.
Where do you all travel to for vacation?
Do you camp? If so where?
Please check out the links provided on today's blog. They should lead you straight to the main pages for both Crater Lake National Park and Yellow Stone National Park.

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