Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Weekend Warrior

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Been looking forward all week to the nicer weather that we had this weekend! Saturday was warm and sunny. The kids played outside all day, the chickens were out cleaning up the worms from the rain the few days prior. Mark and I were outside doing much needed yard work, and just breathing in spring.
I'm racking my brain trying to figure out what  kind of garden to put in this year. Over the course of the last two years we have literally gutted our back yard, and started over from scratch. Loads of dirt were brought in, we built a rock/cinder block retaining wall, planted grass, made new flower beds, and planted some fruit trees. However the lower half of the yard? That is yet to be touched.It is where I would like to put my garden. I know I want raised beds. I know I want lots of veggies. However I am a huge fan of pinterest and I cant decide on a design. When you have a mental illness like bi-polar disorder decision making is very difficult.I am the most indecisive person on the planet. I can't even make a decision about what side to part my hair. I can never decide what to have for dinner. I can never decide if I want to clean the house or work outside. I usually end up trying to do everything in one day because I cant decide what it is I really want to do. I cant seem to separate, and prioritize items on my to do list. I think pinterest is a bad idea for people like me hahaha. Focus is hard for me. My thoughts are always all over the place (which i'm sure you can tell from my blog do however try my best. I love to be creative and that is why i write, for me getting it all out of my head and written is therapeutic for me.
I'm almost never sure about what i want, but im always sure about what i don't want. Weird right?
I really want to be creative as far as this garden.
So I'm looking for help wherever I can. Below check out the pics from when we first started the yard.
What will probably happen is Mark will listen to me, look at my millions of design ideas and then he will end up deciding for me. I will go along with what ever idea he comes up with because I simply can't decide but I want it done.
I wonder if its this hard for everyone? I wish I could just be one of those people that says "Yes!! That's it, that is what I want!" and then execute. However i am not. My disease makes that almost impossible at times,even with medication.The struggle is real.

Share with me your struggles with decision making and how it effects your daily life.
What do you do to prioritize?
Do you get anxious just thinking about all the things you want to do? f so how do you redirect your thoughts?
We have come along way in 2 years.Now we are at a point for the garden to go in, and i'm overwhelmed with to many ideas. I want it to be unique, and beautiful. I want to grow vegetables, and flowers, and fruit. Shoot me some pictures of your garden, or favorite flowers. Tell me if you struggle with indecision, and how you are able to say "Yes thats what i want!"

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