Sunday, February 21, 2016

How do you get ready for your week with kids, How do you stay organized
Gosh life is busy these days! As a full time working mom it's easy so easy to get caught up in the lunacy of trying to stay on task for the week. I always start on Sunday, that is my day to get laundry done, go through the kids back packs and wash their nasty lunch boxes. Make sure that i have scrubs for the week , Cook my proteins for the week, since i'm trying to you know lose weight for the 100 millionth time It's our day of no electronics, the kids must play outside, Draw, read, play a board game , talk to each other and to us. It's time to get back to the basics. I know that as soon as monday hits it's going to be a mad dash back into the wireless, whirling , crazy busy week.Add having to get up at the crack of dawn to take kids to daycare adds a whole nother aspect to getting ready for the week!!  I used to get up super early and take my two youngest to the before school program. I hated it!! I felt like i was depriving them of much needed sleep and forcing them to begin their day before they were even ready!! Thankfully My Friend and Neighbor who is a stay at home mom offered to start putting the girls on the bus for me in the morning so that i not only didn't have to pay 400 a month for 8 hours a week of childcare but also so that they could sleep in a little longer. Now my husband drops them off at her house at 8am before he goes to work and they are on the bus by 8:50. In return i watch her boys on Wednesdays when i'm off whenever she needs a sitter or just a break, because lord knows stay at home parents don't often get any kind of break,  What are some ways that you get ready for your busy week? What do you do on the weekends to reconnect with your kiddos after the hustle and bustle a week filled with School, Work, sports, Dance Ect. How do you get ready for your week so that it runs smoothly?DSCN5103.JPG

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  1. Lets see what you parents do to get ready for the week!! Leave a comment!!


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